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Pilates relieves chronic stress patterns and refreshes the body by relieving muscle strain. Furthermore, Pilates increases mind-body awareness, helps center attention, sharpens concentration, and allows the body to renew, invigorate, and heal. Stretching and toning muscles, spine, and joints has been proven to lead to better health by directing blood and oxygen to the internal organs, glands, and nerves. Done correctly, Pilates can generate motion and circulation without causing strain and imbalance in the body. Pilates movements provide a fitness approach from the inside out. Your body will benefit, your mind will benefit, and your mood will be uplifted.

Your instructors are Beth, Shannan, and Darla.

  • Holistic – You will work with mental focus, physical attention, and conscious breathing, with attention to feeling the work at every level.
  • Efficient – systematic and organized with just a few repetitions for each movement.
  • Time Saving – Pilates said “an hour and in the shower”. Regular practice not endless practice will bring you results.
  • Balanced – you will stretch and strengthen all of the major muscles in your body in just one session.
  • Focuses on quality of movement rather than quantity.
  • Uses compound dynamic and rhythmic movements rather than isolation exercises.
  • Versatile – Good for everyone from the de-conditioned to the elite athlete.
  • Fun – the Peak workout is flowing, functional – and fun!

  • Gentle on the Joints – Pilates devised a sequence which allows the body to work with gravity, gradually easing into the work. This allows for the heart, the spine, and the joints to warm up gradually before taking the gravity challenge.
  • Improves body awareness, control, and coordination.
  • Balances the body’s musculo-skeletal system.
  • Develops core strength and stability.
  • Creates a healthy spine.
  • Enhances appearance by improving posture, movement patterns, and strengthening the body without adding bulk.
  • Helps prevent and rehabilitate injury.
  • Aids in developing healthy breathing habits.

  • Improves mental concentration.
  • Develops determination.
  • Increases feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Develops discipline.
  • Increases energy level.

  • Elevates the mood.
  • Encourages self-acceptance.
  • Helps cultivate mindfulness.
  • Physical Mantra-focuses one mind for an entire hour freeing the mind from extraneous thoughts.